London College of Fashion//Cordwainers - Final Year

Autumn Winter 2019: THAÏS

THAÏS is a new brand concept for contemporary luxury women's footwear that blends high glamour with craftsmanship and functionality, for big dreamers whose feet are planted firmly in reality. The essence of the design captures other-worldly beauty through elegant silhouettes combined with rich materials and effervescent detail.


The collection aims to capture the awe and delight of staring at a night sky… Luscious materials such as moiré silk, shimmery leather and luminous pearls are combined with clean crystal resin and bright silver and gold metal hardware. The moon and its phases offered inspiration for heels, whilst asymmetric and clean upper silhouettes with patterns created by metal hardware were an attempt to abstract the shapes of constellations, galaxies and planets. The colour palette was kept minimal, black and white with touches of pale lilac and silver and gold. These elements come together to create an aesthetic of a quirky celestial elegance with a subtle effervescence and attitude.

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